Colorado State Senator - District 6



Legislative Session 2018

SB18-02 "Financing Rural Broadband Deployment"

I am co-prime sponsor of Senate bill SB 18-2, a bill that deals with the expansion of broadband to all of the underserved areas of Colorado. SB 2 is a prime example of learning from previous efforts. In 2013 I passed legislation to bring funding to broadband that would service rural Colorado. After the bill passed, CenturyLink filed a law suit to stop the funding. Colorado PUC negotiated a settlement that left very little funding for broadband. A similar bill to SB 2 last year never got introduced. SB 2 is the result of Republican and Democrat leadership in the Senate working with House leadership to bring this bill forward. With better broadand, rural Colorado can be an active participant in the booming economy instead of a spectator.

SB18-01 "Transportation Infrastructure Funding"

With Colorado’s economy growing it is important that we keep our infrastructure strong and SB 18-1 does just that. This bill is a proposal to give the voters of Colorado the option of allowing the State to bond 3.3 Billion dollars in infrastructure. Our roads are suffering and that is evident after twenty years of deficit spending on what we want versus what Colorado really needs. If approved, Colorado’s transportation infrastructure can almost catch up and direct 10% of the sales tax to highway construction. Most importantly, this bill does not depend on tax increases and makes sure that your tax dollars are working for you.

SB 18-27 "Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact"

It is normal for bills to pass very fast at the end of session, but I encountered my first rush last week and SB 18-27 is evidence of that as it was signed into law. A licensure program for nurses takes the honor of being the first fast early bill I have ever witnessed. This licensure program created through state compacts would have expired on January 19th. This compact allows nurses in states like New Mexico to practice in Colorado and vice versa. You can see how this would affect the four corners region and needed to be passed. Either way, patients and doctors can be assured that this vital component for health care will be there to serve you.

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